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Chushinkan Dojo was founded in 1990 by James Moritaka Nakayama. The dojo (martial arts school) is affiliated with the Aikido Association of America (AAA). 

Nakayama Sensei has been practicing aikido since 1973, when he started at Orange County Aiki Kai under Harry Ishisaka Sensei. In 1983, Nakayama Sensei started instructing at the dojo, and in 1986 became the Assistant Chief Instructor under Friesen Sensei. After being promoted to yondan (4th degree) in 1989, Nakayama Sensei left OCAK in June of 1990, and founded Chushinkan Dojo. In 1991, Chushinkan Dojo affiliated with the Aikido Association of America under its founder, Toyoda Shihan.

Nakayama Sensei holds the title of Shihandai (assistant to the late Fumio Toyoda Shihan). Nakayama Sensei is the Shibucho (Branch Leader) of the AAA Western Region, and head of the Shinsa Iinkai (Regional Test Committee) and Black Belt Association. He was a member of the AAA National Teaching Committee, and the Aikido Association International (AAI) Teaching Committee, conducting aikido seminars nationally and internationally from 1994 to 2016. Nakayama Sensei was the AAA Western Regional Director from 1997 to 2011.

Nakayama Sensei holds a seventh degree black belt in Aikido, and a fifth degree black belt in Iaido.

Classes are offered through the Cities of Buena Park, Cypress, and La Palma.




Teaching emphasis at Chushinkan Dojo is on demystifying techniques and systematically explaining centering and mechanics in a clear and simple methodology 


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