Upcoming Aikido Exams




 Upcoming Aikido Exams

July 15, 2017




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Upcoming aikido examinations will be held on July 15, 2017. If you cannot test on that day, please let Sensei know immediately and another date will be scheduled for you. Testing is optional at the discretion of test candidates. If you decide to test, turn in your Kyu Test Application form, exam fee ($35, checks made payable to Chushinkan Dojo), and your AAA membership booklet (new students will be issued one after their 7th kyu test) before class starts on the day of the exam. All dojo dues must be paid in full. Late attendance on test day is not acceptable.

Exam Requirements

Please read the Chushinkan Dojo examination requirements carefully and make sure you can meet all of the requirements, including seminar attendance. You must know the techniques for the level you are attempting plus any previous rank(s), and be able to perform these techniques at a suitable level.

Additional Requirements

Each student contributes to the flavor of the dojo. Techniques are only part of the test. The following additional requirements have always been taken into account when awarding promotions:



The student should be developing the ability to observe these principles:

            Movement from center
            Correct posture
            Good balance
            Understanding of weight transfer


The student should be developing the following qualities:

            Helpfulness towards:
                        Training partners
                        New students
                        The dojo (help with projects, cleaning, etc.)

            Concern for safety of training partners

            Knowledge and observation of appropriate etiquette

            Consistent training habits

            Self-development in accordance with aikido values