Furuya Dojo




Kensho Furuya, Zen priest and longtime practitioner of aikido and iaido, passed away on March 6, 2007. Prior to his passing, Furuya Sensei had scheduled his annual Osensei Memorial Service and Seminar for April 14-15 at his Aikido Center of Los Angeles dojo, with Hideo Yonemochi, Managing Director at Hombu Dojo, Aikikai World Headquarters of Japan. The seminar also became a memorial for Furuya Sensei.


 From 1984 to 2007, situated in the railroad warehouse district in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, was the famous Aikido Center of Los Angeles.

In contrast to its surroundings, the dojo was an oasis of traditional Japanese architecture.


Primary guest instructor, Yonemochi Sensei 



Memorial services conducted by Rev Shumyo Kojima


The Aikido Center of Los Angeles was created under the guidance of Furuya Sensei, and known worldwide for its faithfulness to Japanese architecture - it was said, even more so than what could be found in Japan.



One last look. The warehouse district Furuya Dojo is no longer there.