Japan 1998




May 10 - 18, 1998, the Aikido Association of America made a trip to Japan


Traveling as a group

Toyoda Sensei making the best of waiting for transportation


Hatayama, Kobayashi, and Toyoda Senseis

Our first dojo we visted was Hatayama Sensei's Sayama Dojo


Our next dojo visit was to Kobayashi Sensei's Tanashi Dojo


Visiting with Saotome Sensei and his mother at Meishinkan Dojo in Chiba



Enjoying the festivities on the far right is Eduard Germanov, Chief Instructor of Tendokan Dojo, Sofia, Bulgaria



There are many matsuri (festivals) in Japan. We ran across this one on our way to Kodaira.



At Kobayashi Sensei's Kodaira Dojo, he and his son, Hiroaki, look on as the TV displays the 
All Japan Aikido Demonstrations


The two works of calligraphy on the dojo walls were written by Osensei, founder of aikido


And finally, participating at the
36th All Japan Aikido Demonstrations
at the famous Nippon Budokan.

For the participants, this meant hours of waiting in the very crowded halls.

The legendary Nippon Budokan