Meditation and Ki Training




Meditation: The mind, like the body, benefits from training. Weekly meditation classes are available based on the form of Rinzai Zen, the style historically preferred by the samurai of Japan.

While Zen's ultimate goal is Satori (enlightenment), for martial art students, the emphasis is on what may be considered a byproduct, Mushin (lit. no mind). 

Mushin refers to the state of mind that is alert and unclouded by the barrage of thoughts that confront us from one moment to the next. It is that state of mind that resides in the continuous present moment.

Meditation is open to everyone.




Ki training: Aikitaiso (Aikido exercises) and ki exercises were created specifically for the development of centering, both mentally and physically. Typically, ki training's emphasis has been on physical centering and stability. 

Chushinkan Dojo's emphasis is understanding that the state of mind (see Mushin above) achieved during ki training and that attained during meditation are one and the same. Our goal is to carry that state of mind over to our training in aikido and iaido, and ultimately, to our daily lives.