Aikido Testing FAQs





Where do I get information about Aikido for Kids testing?

Testing for the Aikido for Kids program is held at the discretion of the kid's instructor, Oanh Rosenthal. All questions regarding the Aikido for Kids program may be directed to her. 

What do I need to take a kyu test?

We have a self-paced testing system. Sign up to do a demonstration, and successfully show that you can perform all the test material on Chushinkan Dojo's Adult Kyu Requirements. You are allowed 2 demos per session (a session is 7 weeks). You must also meet minimum time and seminar obligations. If you meet all these conditions, your name will be included on the next test list.

What do I need to take a dan test?

The first thing you need is Nakayama Sensei's recommendation. Keep in mind, if you ask for a recommendation, the answer will be "no". After receiving Sensei's recommendation, you will also receive specific instructions for proceeding further.

How often is kyu testing held?

Kyu tests are held once every two session (14 weeks). Test dates are published on the dojo Calendar page of  If you are unable to attend on the designated test date, you may schedule a test before the official date.

How often is dan testing held?

Dan exams are held only at sanctioned AAA/AAI seminars and events.

Besides qualifying for testing, what else do I need?

For kyu tests, your name must be on the test list posted in the dojo. By test day, your dues must be paid up to date. You will need the test fee (cash or check), a completed test application form, and your AAA booklet if the test is for 6th kyu and above.  

Students eligible for dan tests will be given specific instructions at the time.

How can I get instruction for my requirements?

You can request techniques before any class. Sensei will usually do requests on demand.

Be ready with your technique list, and keep asking for what you need. Instructors may not always do your request immediately. They may have prepared other material, or the request may be unsuitable in some way for the other students.

What do I have to demonstrate?

Up to 3rd kyu, students will be asked to demonstrate all the material for their next rank (right and left sides of the list). Students may be asked to demonstrate their previous material as well.

Anyone wishing to test for a brown belt rank (2nd and 1st kyu) or dan rank must demonstrate all the preceding kyu ranks in addition to their test material.

How can I fit all the requirements into a single demo?

For 2nd kyu and above, there is too much material to fit into a single demonstration. Sign up for your first demonstration (this may include more than one kyu rank) and, if that is successful, Sensei will invite you to sign up for additional demos. For brown and black belt exams, you may also be asked to do on-the-spot demonstrations in class.

How are the demos judged?

All Chushinkan Dojo yudansha present are part of the test committee and vote on demos using a blind vote. Sensei does not participate unless the vote is tied, but may overrule the committee's decision if he chooses. The vote is based on whether your performance would have passed a real test.

How is the test different from the demonstration?

There is not much difference between a demo and test. During your test you may be asked to perform material (right and left sides of the list) from previous ranks, in addition to the requirements for your new rank. You will also be judged on your ukemi, both during your test and when participating in other people’s tests.