Videos thru the Years





Aikido is an art that is in constant change. The following videos show a comparison of Nakayama Sensei executing the same techniques (katatori nikyo, omote and ura).

The first part was taken in 1980 during his nidan test at Orange County Aiki Kai. The second part in 1992, at the first site of Chushinkan Dojo in Anaheim. The last is from 2009 and 2012. You may note that though more time had passed between 1992 - 2012, the most dramatic change is between 1980, when there was no emphasis on form, to 1992, when form became the primary focus.


Nakayama Sensei

Katatori Nikyo Omote 1980

Katatori Nikyo Ura 1980

Katatori Nikyo Omote

Katatori Nikyo Ura

Katatori Nikyo Omote 2012

Katatori Nikyo Ura