Aikido Videos From the Past





Blast from the Past!


Dyer & Nakayama

This is a demonstration at the Orange County Buddhist Church circa 1989-1990.



Yudansha Demos


Christine Dyer is a founding member of Chushinkan Dojo and is now chief instructor of Mountain Path Aikido in Logan, Utah. Christine holds the title of Western Regional Director for the Aikido Association of America.
These demos are from August 1999.

 Katatori Ikkyo Oyowaza            Katatetori Kaitennage Oyowaza  

  Katate Kosadori Kokyunage Oyowaza  Munetsuki Kotegaeshi Oyowaza

 Shomenuchi Iriminage Oyowaza       Yokomenuchi Shihonage Oyowaza



Derek Nakagawa is the other founding members of Chushinkan Dojo and is now chief instructor of Aikido Of Rossmoor. 
Demos are from August 1999.

            Jo Nage               Ushiro Tekubitori  


Patty Jensen joined a few weeks after Chushinkan Dojo first started in June 1990.
These demos are from August 1999.

              Katate Ryotetori               Maegeri

 Munetsuki              Shomenuchi                Yokomenuchi

And this is Patty and Derek doing the 13 Jo kata, Paired


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Rachelle Reynolds started in December 1990 and eventually received her nidan in 2005. She married Derek Reynolds, a student at Kenshinkan Dojo, making Nakayama and MacBeth Senseis Dojocho-in-laws! Rachelle and Derek moved to Alaska in 2008.

Bokkendori               Munetsuki

                                          Ryotetori               Shomenuchi

                         Ushiro Tekubitori               Yokomenuchi


Trung Nguyen started in March 1995 and was the 4th student to receive a black belt from Chushinkan Dojo in 1997. These demos are from 5 months later.

Katatetori               Katate Ryotetori

                Katate Kosadori                   Maegeri       

       Munetsuki                                    Ryokatatori            Shomenuchi

            Ushiro Ryokatatori               Yokomenuchi


Stanley Chen started in June 1996 and was the youngest student to become a Chushinkan Dojo yudansha. These demos are from June 1999.

         Katatori Ganmenuchi               Munetsuki

               Ryotetori        Shomenuchi        Ushiro Tekubitori        

             Yokomenuchi               Jyuwaza